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Anonymity of kindness

No fame for him in his kindness,
the acts of his are shrouded in blindness.
Anonymous to the world outside,
he does not care for the wealthy pride.

Without hesitation he helps you daily,
disregarding himself so plainly.
How can a man with a heart of his,
be so cruelly touched by evil’s dangerous kiss?… Read the rest “Anonymity of kindness”


Forgive me…

Forgive me, for words abandon this confession. Every line seems poor, every thought is frivolous… No words can depict the depth of my engagement, no words to describe it, only my speechless lips… I fear opening my fragile heart, for I fear to be misunderstood…

I believe my heart is sick with the purest of venoms.Read the rest “Forgive me…”


Dearest Lady,

Hear my soul speak. Of the very instant that I saw you, Did my heart fly at your service…” (Shakespeare, trans. 1998, 3.1.63-65)

Thy beauty supersedes any sight, for thy beauty is more felt than seen. Vitality of the spring cannot match the blazing of your eyes nor the autumn colours represent the artistry of thy heart.… Read the rest “Dearest Lady,”